Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mahgol starts...

Hi every body.
This is Mahgol, I am 27 years old. The picture on our profile is from my birthday. I am the girl with glasses on the mentioned picture. :)
For ones who are not familiar with iranians' restrictions for traveling, I should say that it is not that easy to get visa and travel for is. So now that we have the Schengen concerning our admission in a Swedish university, we are trying to get the advantage of this and see as many places in the World and mainly in Europe as we can. After I entered Sweden, I had a short trp to Finland. It was a short cruise but it is still counted because on the morning when everybody was sleeping we got of the ship and our feet touched the ground in Finland. I had another trip to France. It was a quite longer trip and it started from Marseille and continued to Cannes and Nice and Monaco. Then I had an other trip to North of Sweden near to north pole and from there we also entered Norway and I have to add that we had no visa and we did not know that we ad to have one because Norway is not attending the Schengen countries!!! The other trip was to Malta. This little country including three major Islands has recently entered the european union and I went there with my student visa. Our last trip in Europe was the onw week trip to Hamburg in Germany. It was so nice. And the day after the night we returned to our little nice city, Vasteras in Sweden, I came to United States of America. OK. I will write you about my stay in USA and all the differences I could feel in the next post.
Have a great day or night, depending on where you live! :)